Snow and Ice & Everything Nice

For those of you that know me, you know I am a snow carver when the season strikes. I fully intended to write a nice story about my teams plans etc. before we started, but I never got around to it. My procrastination has an added benefit of allowing me to include before and after pictures of our sculpt this year.

Our team included, Myself, Sean Gallagher, and Spencer Scharf. We like to sculpt from a model, so we usually meet in the weeks before to make the model and work through ideas etc. This year our intial model was a robo fish that nobody really could get ecxcited about. Then we decided to upgrade an older unused idea and make the angel of beer. A seated angel with a keg on her back, pouring herself a frosty pint. We like doing figures, as they offer a unique challenge in snow. They also tend to have great negative spaces, and good dynamic posing.


With our model constructed, and our spirits high we headed to Frankenmuth…
Day One: Tuesday> Sean and I arrived late and marked the block with a grid, even though spencer had already done most of it. Spencer is not to be trusted. This grid we place helps us enlarge the model to actual size, and it helps us keep things in proportion. After marking, we then take some snow off the block in large chunks. The work was intense and after drinking many Tri-City Beers we decided to take a break and enjoy a beer at Tiffany’s. The first official drink of Snowfest 2016 was a Hamm’s in a can. With our refreshments inside we headed back to work. Now that some of the snow was removed, we felt confident in closing up shop for the day.


Day Two: Wednesday> We arose early and took on breakfast at the Fairfield inn. We then headed to Zehnder’s to enjoy Second Breakfast. It was then out to the block to begin roughing out the sculpture. At this point we were just taking large hunks off and beginning to see the basic outline of the sculpt. By 11:30 it was time for a tasty drink. We headed to tiffany’s for delicious drink chosen by Spencer, a delightful concoction of Root beer, Fireball, & Grenadine. The afternoon work session saw the sculpture taking shape even more, with the rough areas of the barrel and legs coming together.


Day Three: Thursday> We arose early again, taking on two breakfasts and heading to the block. At this point it was just a matter of narrowing down all the shapes, and getting as much snow removed as we could. By 11:45 it was time to head to Tiffany’s for another drink. This time it was my choice and we enjoyed a Liquid Marijuana, a fine brew of green liquor and some other juices and what not. The afternoon saw some heavy work going into our legs, pint glass, and wings. The forms were finally beginning to show up properly and we had defined and carved most of our negative space. This evening saw Spencer begin to feel terrible, we had eaten far to much Schnitzel at dinner the previous night and he was expelling waste at a geometric rate. We returned to the room while Sean stayed up late to service the block.

Day Four: Friday> The night was unkind to Spencer, he was shivering, and awoke completely non-functional. Sean and I headed to the block after just one breakfast with the intent of working through the day and night. We were down a man and feeling the strain. Our spirits began to soar when Spencer made it to the block, I wept openly in front of my snow carving brothers as our hopes were rekindled. Spencer and I took this opportunity to visit the local Kroger for pain meds and cough syrup. From this point on, we were both dosing every few hours. By the afternoon Spencer was feeling good and cocktails were enjoyed by all at the local Zehnder’s tap room. By dinner, the syrup was flowing like wine and spirits were high. The work at the block was progressing at a furious rate, the form was slowly but surely emerging. Work continued all through the night. In these wee hours is when the magic began to happen, the whole piece refined and came bursting forth. By 930 AM the piece was done and ready for judgement. The team was ready for the deep sleep of hibernation.


The judging began and the winners were announced. We came in 3rd place in the single block world class event. The hard work paid off.


Tri-City Brewing Company: For providing your sponsorship in beer and in love.>
Big thanks to Team Ohio our neighbors. For putting up with our shenanigans, sharing food, tools, & George, and just being awesome! FOR PRESIDENT DOG!
To Billy/Hargash/Gavitt for sharing refreshments, and your friendship! Without the smiles from these guys, I may have quit.
Martinez Team: These guys are the nicest, most helpful folks you may ever meet. Professional love.
The Tree Beard Guys: While I may not know your names, your attitudes and friendliness live on in my heart!
Bob: For being proof that you can live through this.