Lumber Mural

This summer my friend and owner of MarkedARTs, Mark Piotrowski asked me to help him with a project he was doing at the new Bay City uptown development. It seemed there was a large concrete base that needed a mural. It was an ugly grey cube jutting out of the ground down near the river’s edge. After meeting with the Youth Advisory Council and Studio 23 representatives, we found out we would be working with the youths to get the mural ready to be painted. They wanted something to hearken back to Bay City’s history with lumbering, and the industrial sites that used to exist at the uptown location.

The idea behind the project is to fill up the space with some artwork, which had proven to be effective at deterring graffiti.

After some noodling we came up with a way to disguise the concrete square as a piece of lumber jutting out of the ground. We then decided to make wood burning images of the Dafoe Shipping and Brownhoist Crane company, to decorate the block. With a big beautiful “Bay City” on the water side.


When work began, the Youth Advisory Council members came down and helped us apply our coatings of primer and the base color for the wood block. The second day we worked on getting the basic wood grain details painted in. With all of that complete we were ready to get the lettering and detailing started.

The whole project took us about a week of work, the weather held up for us nicely and gave us a lot of time to work. Each day we would receive lots of encouragement from passing folks out enjoying the weather, and the walking trail. When the work was done, Mark went out and gave the whole mural a heavy coating of a special anti-graffiti treatment. It should make cleaning up any potential graffiti a much easier task.