A Sign of the Times

I was recently asked to step outside my comfort zone, and make an outdoor sign for a client. She really did not like her old sign and wanted something clearer, more colorful, and eye-catching. I quickly sent her a mockup of what I had in mind, and soon began the process of building the sign. After doing some research I decided to use SignFoam with a steel core for the hanging hardware.


I used a polyurethane glue to sandwich the layers around the steel, which I inserted into cutout pockets in the foam. After clamping and gluing, I shaped the sign parts and built began priming & sanding the parts. It took many coats to get a smooth finish for my base, I was then able to paint in the faux wood grain in a blue color and begin the lettering and trim. I used a projector to put the text onto the sign, then I painted it all in.


The text was filled in white, with a small under shadow. The main heart/cross graphic was filled in white whites, yellows and red. I used a bright Cadmium yellow for good visibility from the road.


The whole sign was then treated with many layers of a polycrylic coating and then waxed lightly to further protect it from weather.


When it was all cured and ready, I assembled the two parts and hung the sign at the business. For my first foray into hand made sign crafting, I was proud of the results. The client was very happy with the results, and is currently getting many compliments on her new signage!