Paul & Babe

I am from Michigan, more specifically Bay City, Michigan. Our history is rich, some of our citizens are rich, our beer tastes rich, its just a pretty rich city overall. I however, am not rich, except in love, but I am not sure that counts in this discussion. Moving along… as an artist I like taking advantage of fun art related contests/activities. I was hooked up with this one by my friend Mark Piotrowski. Basically, you are provided a bare metal hood, and it is up to you to bring the hotness, paint style.

Bare Naked

Raise the Hood, was the name. The event was offered by the Greater Flint Art Council, it cost me 50 bones to get down on it. I picked up my bare metal, hood from the GFAC and took it home. My first concept was to just do what I do all over it, but it started to feel a bit un-inspired. I polled my constituents for ideas, my eldest son suggested Paul Bunyan. Finally, a concept that really spoke of Bay City and Michigan’s lumbering history of lumbering giants lumbering through the lumber…. After doing some concept sketches, production could finally begin en masse.

Sculpey Faux Wood

I basically began with a horrible sketch, then painted in some equally horrible burn victims. Over the next week I just kept refining and tweaking, until I finally got where I wanted to go. I filled in the hood ornament area with a sweet log slice belt buckle adornment, and polished it all off with some poly-acrylic and some glossy car wax. I then proceeded to get a massage to work my arms back into shape after all that waxing.

Dr. Wernecke to the Burn Unit, Dr. Wernecke to the Burn Unit


Currently the hood sits on display at the Flint Farmers Market along with 20+ other hoods, where it is to be judged and then voted on for peoples choice. The winners will be announced mid August!

Shown with model; Pepper-Sue


If you wish to vote for my hood: Text the word “HOOD” with no quotes, to (810) 250-4570. When prompted reply with the number “20” again, no quotes. That’s all it takes.