PAO Celebrity Art Gala 2015

Several months back I was asked to contribute a donation to an upcoming auction. As a young artist looking to get some street cred, I of course said yes! The auction would be held in Midland at the Loon’s Stadium, free food, free game, it was a win win! The hosts of the event were Personal Assistance Options, and the proceeds from the auction directly benefit their organization.  The event works like this: Each artist is paired with a local celebrity of some sort, they make art together, the art is then auctioned for the cause. My celebrity was a local lawyer/judge Jonathan E. Lauderbach, and we set up a meeting for to discuss our ideas.

A Pile of Midland Ideas
A Pile of Midland Ideas

At the meeting we decided to create a piece that was based around the past & present of Midland with a focus on the courthouse. We talked about imagery to include, Dow Diamond, the old Theater at the circle, the courthouse, and the Tridge. Jon mentioned a mural he thought was cool that decorated the wall of his courtroom when he was a judge. Since my usual painting style involves collaged elements, our ideas seemed perfect for my style.

The first thing I needed to do was get in the courtroom and get some images of that mural. After that, a brief trip around the area to grab some reference images was in order. Luckily I had Pepper-Sue with me to assist in the gathering of images. Next up, I got the canvas built and started the layout. Then the only thing left to do was paint, and paint…. and paint some more!

No Pictures Please.
No Pictures Please.

When it was all said and done, the painting included: Dow Diamond, The Theatre, Dow Garden, Fur Traders, the Seal of Midland County, the Courthouse in the year of its construction, The Tridge, the courtroom mural, the veteran’s memorial, Dow’s Logo, and the Midland Center for the Arts. It was a piece to be proud of!

Genuine Happiness
Pictured: Genuine Happiness

It sold at auction and hopefully now rests in the loving confines of this happy gentleman’s home. The whole experience was a blast & I hope to do it again next year!

Not everyone’s response was positive.