Sandy Sands of 2015

Hail the Victors: Sean Gallagher & Adam Wernecke

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do some sand sculpting for the first time ever. I have of course carved snow in the past, and while nothing beats carving out your creation in a 10 foot block of snow, there is something to be said for warm weather, water and sand.

Tiny maquette created from a tiny turtle figurine and some oil based clay.

Sean and I met up and put our maquette together at The Fix Coffee shop in Uptown Bay City earlier in the month, and I was very excited to make it a reality. The next step was securing a sponsorship to help provide some digging tools. Thankfully Home Depot of Bay City took us under their wing and provided some shovels, tamper, buckets and a sweet cooler to house our Sharkleberry-Fin Kool-Aid. After packing some sand into our mold and waiting overnight, our lump of sand was ready to take shape.

Watch as I demonstrate the “Maiden Churns the Butter” technique.

Bit by bit our creation took shape, and now we were staring at a magnificent Siege Turtle in all its glory; from its bilge pumps, to the docking station at the rear where the Nautilus was moored. After losing the fore canon due to a collapse we instead fashioned a small cathedral where it is rumored the turtle priestess interprets the will of the Siege Turtle.

All in all it was a good weekend, and a great introduction to sand carving. Special thanks go out to John Martinez of the Martinez Art Group, he organized the even and was a great mentor and a very cool guy!