Go Confidently, Father of Children!

A close friend of mine recently finished an undertaking, he wrote a book, something he has wanted to do for quite a while. Now, while writing a book is tough enough, promoting it seems to be the difficult part. So, he asked me to write a quick review of it on my site. But alas, I don’t do a fine job of reviewing stuff, so this is my attempt at something more I hope…

The Book:
Deep Breath..(The Confident Father’s Guidebook: 5 Steps for personal transformation.) Wow, what a mouthful, which I have been told helps potential buyers find it on Amazon 8). The book is designed to help fathers, father with confidence. To ensure they focus on what matters in their life and to leave a legacy for their children that is worth living! It’s little things; Believing in Yourself, Choosing a Future, Eliminate Negativity not so much solutions, but guides to keep you moving in the right direction every day. The book takes us through the advice of a man who began to move towards his legacy.

The Man:
I have known Jason for many years now, I have watched him grow as a human, and see him become a father. Jason has taken a good look at himself, and learned some valuable lessons about where he wants to go, and how to get there. He loves sharing what he has learned with others, and is committed to leaving the world in a better state than it was when he got here. His advice is backed by experience, and care.

The Plan:
I would recommend any father read this book. Will you learn something? Hopefully. Will it change your life? It could. While it doesn’t contain ALL the answers, it IS a great road map. Fatherhood is twisty, and there isn’t just one path to through, this book helps show you some things to watch for along the way, so you can find your OWN way through. Little lessons, to be applied by anyone, whether you have things well in hand, or if you feel like your drowning.

We are all in this together, we will be the ones to make the next generation of people awesome, confident & worthy, and it all starts with ourselves.

You can buy the book here: Amazon
You can connect with Jason here: www.jasonpockrandt.com