The Thaw

It has been a busy winter! I have not updated the site with anything since the late fall!

I have kept busy though, chalk board drawings, Snow Sculpting, Warhammer Miniature Painitng, and Doodles. I have ensured to feed the beast while winter choked the world.
I know the warm weather won’t last, and we are probably in for another few weeks of cold, I am happy to get outside and breathe warm air, and smell the world again.
WP_20150201_15_49_07_Pro (2)

Like a bear, I am ready to climb out of the den and get some nuts and berries in me. I am sitting in my garage, with some sun outside, and for once, some warmth. I have some paintings sitting un-finished all around me, and I cant wait to get them finished!

Creation Allegory

*Due to the nature of procrastination, this post has been published after I finished the above mentioned painting.

For the last few months I have changed focus slightly and taken more graphic design work. Adam Wernecke Art is a two-armed beast, the one arm is the Art, the other arm is the design. Kind of like some kind of two armed mutant.

WP_20150124_08_01_41_Pro (2)

I am still sitting on a painting from last year, and its moldering away un finished. Part of the issue is that I intended it to be something it isn’t. Since I started on it, my needs have evolved and the painting no longer makes sense as it was origionally intended. Soooo, re-organization has been happening, the message of the painting should remain the same but the overall look and feel are changing significantly.

I also just cut some new pieces of board for some new work. They are all higgledy piggeldy and sort of trapezoidial. We will see how that goes…