Skyscapes & Painful Things


Another round of paintings in progress from my head to yours! These guys started out as some pretty lame sky paintings, albeit from pretty cool source images. The skies sat unfinished and dusty for about six months, they just weren’t doing it for me. I guess I thought if I painted something pretty, maybe someone would buy them! It is that thinking that I am desperately trying to snuff out in my art.

  • I will try to imagine what people will buy.
  • I will work from the soul, and follow my gut.
  • I will render things how I see them, not necessarily how they actually look.

Whenever I have tried to paint something saleable, or even commission stuff, it makes my brain crazy. I can’t make art specifically for anyone, its too personal. Now, that’s not saying someone won’t come along and absolutely love the mess I have made, and want to trade me money for it. It happens, but it can’t be my end game. For me painting is organic, and I need to be free to follow the brush strokes, and shapes wherever I want. Its time to get my head in my own art, and out of the art of others. No more comparison, just focus on what MY art is and how I love making it.

These skyscapes represent that shift in thinking. The moved from uninspired, to truly meaningful to me. I made shapes, played with colors, and started to recognize things emerging from the painting. A word association game played with paint, and images. What hurts? My Back! Medicine! Masks! Where is the Joy? Icecream! Fish! What Scares? Pinching! Boating! War! I ask my self basic questions and instantly begin to identify the symbols in the paint.

Everything comes from my interests and ideas who gives a crap what might be cliché or tired. Nobody else does it quite like me. By honestly painting what I feel, the canvas fills up as easy as filling a bucket. No stress, no strain. Just doing what I love, and loving what I do. Stop by soon to see these 3 paintings finished!


If anyone would like to trade some green backs for any of my creations, please let me know in the comments. Or if you like what you see, please follow me on twitter, post comments, post your own art! Either way, let’s connect.