Hiking HOW, not WHERE.

Makes you feel small eh?

If there is one thing I know in life it is hiking! I feel completely grounded in wooded nature. I don’t enjoy the beach, I don’t like lazing about in the sun, but get me in the woods and I am a tank! Living on Oahu, HI for several years I was found more in the mountains hiking, than on the sandy beaches. I think it is the simplicity of hiking that I like, I know how to walk, so hiking is like Advanced Walking for the Elite. I especially love inclement weather, and large gradient changes.

This one day in Hawaii, I felt like I was in Romancing the Stone, and I was going to have to take refuge in a downed drug plane and smoke reefer with Joan Wilder! One of the most memorable hikes of my life, slogging through a channel of water, soaked to the bone and surrounded by good friends.

NOT PICTURED: Amorous Woodsmen

For me hiking has nothing to do with WHERE you are going, its all about HOW your going. This is where I feel my father and I have a difference in opinion. His mantra is stay on the path, follow the maps, and reach your destination. It’s probably good advice too, it keeps you safe, prevents you from getting lost, and minimizes your contact with man-eating bears, & Hillbilly Rapists. I think it is a mindset of a generation, where you were encouraged to minimize your risk, and maximize your security. I am not trying to fault the thinking, but I have to go a different way!

Get me in the forest, and I am all about getting off the path! EVERYBODY has gone through these woods the same way, hence the worn path. If you want to experience something new, you gotta blaze a new trail! Take a risk, get lost, and maybe find something truly kick ass! How will you know if you got what it takes if you never butt-heads with the occasional amorous woodsman! Adversity challenges us to grow or be destroyed, and that is what the woods represent to me.

Life has the potential to destroy us utterly, it throws things at us constantly. Sometimes it feels like there are more thorns and rapists in the woods than trees. Our end goal isn’t as important as the hike, will you keep blazing a kick ass trail through this bullshit? Or will you wander back to the path, and march along with everyone else? Don’t miss the kick ass stuff hiding out there in the thorns!

The thorns are worth it.

The world throws us some bullshit, but the awesome stuff is so amazing it just wipes that stuff right out. Let me know in the comments, what amazing stuff is stuck in your head!