Circus Peanuts!

The latest painting. I have been working through some of the issues with the style and genre of my paintings lately. I love to paint all sorts of things, so picking a specific subject matter or style has always seemed like too much of a commitment to me.

The paintings I love to make the most are what I call allegories. They give me the freedom to paint whatever I might want to throw in there. I also love that they get to tell a story, more than just objects and people, they have a narrative. Its different for everyone who sees them, everyone finds different symbolism in different colors and objects.

Circus Allegory
Circus Peanuts

I hope to keep piling up stuff with my paintbrush, so stay tuned for more.

PS: I am trying to find some more artists who work in the same style as myself, If anyone can give me some guidance as to what genre my paintings fit into please let me know in the comments. I would love to find an artists community to get involved with online.

Bonus Animated GIF!