Morning Crayon Can!

If you have been following me on Twitter, then congratulations, your one of 20-25 people who actually care about the day to day of Adam Wernecke. You also have probably noticed a “fairly” consistent flow of crude crayon drawings being posted with the #amcrayon tag. “What the hell is all that about?” you might ask yourself, if your prone to asking yourself things. How can I be involved in this clearly life-changing activity? (another self question), man you’re an odd duck… Here is the answer you have been desperately searching yourself for.

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The #amcrayontag is something I started in an effort to make journaling make sense to me, and in an effort to fill up my ever growing collection of sketch books. I have a compulsion to buy empty books, I collect them, they have great plans, plans to be filled with all sorts of neat stuff. But aside from the book I write my plans in, the rest of them were woefully empty.

I have tried to journal in the past, just to keep an account of what might have happened in the day, and to give me something to look back on as I journey through life. I write in pen, I write on evernote, I write on my phone, I even sometimes write on this blog. However, it occurred to me I am not a writer, I am an artist! I need to be visual, colorful, expressive! ENTER THE CRAYON! I have now filled my journal time with crayon time!

It isn’t about creating a masterpiece or filling the page with your life experience. For me, it is about getting some crayon on the page, and telling the story that is in my head that morning. Sometimes its based on a suggestion from my son, sometimes its just random, but everyday I sit down and knock one out. Now my sketch book is filling up, my mornings are spent with a bit more color and calmness.

So I invite anyone who is inclined, to break out some crayons and a book, and get coloring. Smell the wax, sip some coffee, and do some morning crayoning. Then, post your creations to twitter or instagram with #amcrayon, please, its lonely out here.

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Don’t have crayons? GET SOME
Don’t have a sketchbook? GET SOME

I currently use a handmade hemp paper journal, the pages are perfect for waxy crayons and just look awesome when filled up. The pages are thick and lovely, the binding is nifty, its a great experience.

For crayons, I have a huge bin of mixed crayons, collected from all over. If you have to, you can get crayons 3-4 at a time by taking your kids to restaurants and smuggling out the crayons from the kids menu.