My painter’s pallet plan!

Ever want to build your own painter’s pallet? Wish you could be as cool as Bob Ross? Hate cleaning up your acrylic paints when your all done? Well then my painting compadres, its time to step up your game. Go Pro, Build your own tools! This simple glass painter’s pallet is as easy to make as it is to clean. Follow these instructions and soon you’ll be painting like a pro!


  • DUde thats zoo cool. I love the work you put into this one. More so than the diaper and I liked the Poo one too. Nice work man. Keep these coming out. Also I would like the signature banner on my next one

    • Thanks Jason,
      It will be as you command! (The signature banner) Keep rocking friend.

  • Bill Inman Art

    Super job on the Infographic, Adam!

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by the website Bill, let me know when your next live paint will be.