Painting Rubbish

A continuing series, in my paintings, is trash! My friends and relatives have taken to calling them “Trash Paintings”, as a pretentious snobby art guy, I find that moniker to be most offensive.

Quite! I say!
Quite! I say!

While I am not completely sure what they represent, I wouldn’t want to interrupt the viewers interpretation, I know that they aren’t JUST paintings of trash. They are more of a painted collage, a visual allegory.

Wikipedia describes it like this:

An allegory conveys its hidden message through symbolic figures, actions, imagery, and/or events.

As I the creator of these images, I tend to meditate on the scene before me. Build stories from shapes and forms. What story do these items tell about how they got here? Do they represent a fallen political regime? The ravages of war? Do they speak on religion? I try to build the symbolism around the objects, make up their back-story. Then I pass it all onto the viewer.

As the consumer of the painting, you get to see a painting that describes a point in time, where familiar items lie in ruin, long forgotten. Now the veiwer get’s to play detective and come to their own conclusions about how this arrangement came to be. Like a visual choose your own adventure!

You have been eaten by a Grue. Turn to page 27.
You have been eaten by a Grue. Turn to page 27.

I will be having a show at the Bay City Players Club in the spring. There will be many trash paintings on display, so come rub your eye-parts on them! I will post more details about time and date as I have them.

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