Finding the way.

I have recently been struggling with my calling here on earth, it seems like the more I try to scratch out a living on my own terms, the more I end up falling flat on my face. As a follower of Christ, I just couldn’t seem to put it together why God seems content to let me fail. Then it hit me, God didn’t set me up for failure, he gave me the tools to succeed, the tools to absolutely love my life and make an impact for him. However, instead of using the gifts he gave me, I decided to go out and get a “job”. “Hey God, I know you whipped up the universe with only a thought, but I think I can handle this on my own.” HUBRIS!

So, in making the connection, I decided to leave my part time job and start my full time life. God made me a creator; of art, of things, of children (hehe). Maybe by following my creativity, just maybe, I will finally be on the right path. It might not be a path to riches, but I believe I will be well cared for along the way. This may seem horribly irresponsible to many, and maybe it is. The way I see it is I am giving up a steady check, for a steady life. Money or Soul-growth? It can’t get any simpler.

Relax, I got this.
Relax, I got this.

To anyone struggling in life, wondering where they fit in, and why they don’t seem fulfilled. I don’t have the answers for you, but I can tell you where to start looking. Find that over reaching archetype that guides your passions? Why do you love to write? What makes you go out to the woodshop on your days off? What comes alive in you when you care for your lawn? Find reason, and use it to grow your soul!

I wish anyone who might read this luck, and love the adventure.


  • Jason

    I couldn’t have said it any better Adam. you rock man in what you do every day. Both as an artist who paints like I cant’ even put words to it, to the dad who fathers like nobody else I know. I am beyond grateful to have you as a role model in my life. Your like the older brother I never got. For that I say Thank You!