I was approached to make an award for a wing compettion at studio 23 during their annual Art Party fund raiser. The event was going to be called “Wing Off!” and the idea was to have it shaped like a chicken wing or something…

I got busy with a quick sketch to help guide the construction, I enhanced the sketch with photoshop and now I had a good idea of what the whole thing was going to look like.
I then took this sketch and projected it on a piece of luan plywood, and traced the outlines. I then used a coping saw to cut out the outline.

After a coating of gesso, and a sanding, I was ready to start painting. I started with the chicken wing background, which I made by using an airbrush to get some soft tones.
After the wing texture was there, it was time to get the muscle chicken in place. Then it was a lot of brush work to get the guy looking cool. The final touches were the banners and I wasn’t able to get the actual winner on there until after the competition. When I added the name I coated the whole thing in polycyclic to seal it in, then a few sanding’s and more coats to make it smooth.

The plaque now hangs in Harvey’s Grill and Bar in Bay City, a testament to their yummy wings!