Red Sable Love from Creative Colors & LJ Creations

I was recently given the opportunity to try a product from my friends at Creative Colors, Red Sable Filbert paint brushes. They just started their company and this was the inaugural item. The set contains six brushes in sizes #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, and #12. The hair is red sable, with a strong metal ferrule, and they promise to be good for all types of painting. They asked if I would put them through their paces and let them know how they stack up.

The brushes currently cost 22.97 on That is under $4 a brush, and they are nice brushes too, not cheap nylon.

That's a hell of a deal!
That’s a hell of a deal!

I usually go through a lot of brushes so stocking up on several sizes for under $4 a brush is not bad at all! I ended up getting two sets, since I teach painting, it would let me have a set for the studio and a set for my teaching bag.


The brushes came slotted into a clear plastic package, and the hair was coated with a substance to maintain the shape of the bristles during shipping/storage. The coating rinses right off in water and doesn’t affect the brushes negatively. The package itself is nothing special, but it protects the brushes well and would make a nice storage container if you wanted to use it that way.

The bristles were supposed to be red sable weasel hair. I have no idea how to test for that, but for all I care they could be red sable sasquatch hair. The are soft, and nicely packed into the metal ferrules. The tips of each bristle are smooth and they function beautifully. The handles are nice length, not too short like some brushes, and they seem to be made out of a nice sturdy wood. All together the brush looks nice, and feels good in the hand.

First off, I love using filberts, I think they are one of the most useful brushes a painter can own. You can produce straight lines, curves, organic shapes, and they do a beautiful job of blending with nice soft edges. The shape of these brushes is exactly what I expect from a quality filbert, nice straight bristles, with a soft rounded tip.

I primarily paint with acrylic paints so I can’t speak to the quality for painting in oils or water colors. I do however paint on many different surface types; glass, wood, canvas, paper, etc. I have had very good results with these brushes on any surface. I recently used them for my first foray into window painting, and I found they performed expertly. It is easy on glass to pull paint back off with each stroke, but these brushes have a fine soft bristle that doesn’t mar the surface of paint you have previously laid down.

I also used the brushes to paint some VERY textured pieces and they came out with almost no wear and tear. Eventually I will wear them out, but they seemed to be up to the task of grinding some paint into rough spots. The sizes the kit includes also let me work on several stages with the brushes, from background to small details. A strong kit.

These are images of paintings I created with these brushes. For the windows I used these brushes ONLY.

Overall, I have nothing to complain about with these brushes. They are great quality for a low price, and the work great on my paintings. I will probably be using this brand for the forseeable future. I hope they continue to make more styles of brushes, as I would love some more brush styles for my tool kit.

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