Summer of Chalk 2016

For a few weeks in August, Chalk became my life. Jennifer was still not yet back to work, and times were pretty damn lean. I really needed to rock out some chalk work to help shore up the financials. First up was a tender little piece for the Tri-City Brewing Company. Oktoberfest was right around the corner and they needed something that paid some homage to one of their servers! A busty beer maid was in order! 20160828_120541That’s a wrap, mission accomplished. Paycheck earned. Time to gear up and focus on the next chalky endeavor… Chalk Walk!

For those of you who don’t know; Chalk Walk is a cool event held in Bay City, Michigan. It had not happened in a few years though, and this was its triumphant return.  Silas Warren, the organizer, got some great sponsors including Thelan Subaru to ensure the prizes were pretty desireable. I had a lot of drive to win, since financially I was drowning. Luckily Sean Gallagher and I were able to pick up a bit of extra cheddar doing the logo for Thelan Subaru!


Proper planning is the difference between paying the water bill and pooping in a 5 gallon bucket for the month. This was our sketch and plan for our 12×12 foot chalk walk piece. We were hungry for the win…
The day of the chalk walk we were ready, we had the tools, we had the plan. The weather was not on our side though. It began to pour shortly after we laid in the background. We sand bagged our perimeter and headed to Jake’s to wait out the storm and drown our sorrow in some Strohs.20160827_125737

Odin was on our side, the rain stopped, we rocked out the piece. This won 1st Place and I don’t have to poop in a bucket.


It was now time to take a trip up to Tawas Michigan for some anamorphic chalk pieces.
I worked on this job as part of the Martinez Studio Art Club, a group of talented artist that create public works of art for whoever needs them. It was my first time working on the anamorphic chalk pieces, but it turned out to be pretty fun. The pieces turned out great and more bill money was made!

All in all a pretty active summer slinging chalk around the state, and that doesn’t even include all the sand carving that was done!