Rust Belt

This piece was created as a commission for a piece of steampunk themed grunge wall art. It was created using high-density foam insulation and a solution of Xylol.

The process involved utilizing gears, chains, and other pieces of metal as stencils. The metal parts were laid out on the foam, then sprayed with a solution of Xylol in order to eat away the foam that remained exposed. The effect was a beautiful rotten, rusted, etched patina.


After the initial etching the whole piece was coated in a high quality gesso to fill any gaps, and give the piece a good painting base. When the gesso was dried it was given a solid coat of rust colored primer.

WP_20160226_11_18_44_Pro 1

The whole painting was then given a patina of oxidized copper in a light coat. The painting was then dry brushed using a rust orange and some chrome paint for shine. The final process was to tweak shadow areas with a airbrushed black paint.

Finally the assemblage pieces were painted/weathered and added to the piece to complete the look. Old computer parts, network cables, and conduit were used throughout. Lastly the whole piece was given a matt black shadowbox frame to dress up the edges.



WP_20160514_18_17_10_ProThe final piece hanging up and completed.

Gear Box
Gear Box Painting